ATTN: Harry Styles Will Have A Week Long Residency On 'The Late Late Show'!

Today Harry Styles and 'Late Late Show' host James Corden announced Harry will be on the show for a full week! That's right from May 15-18, you can see Harry Styles on the show. Every. Single. Night. I'm screaming. 

The promotional video released today, shows James reading a 'Rolling Stone' magazine with Harry on the cover. A few seconds later, Harry FaceTimes James and that's right when my heart stopped beating. Harry starts off their convo asking for a place to stay for a week (uh, my house?), and asks to stay in the studio instead of James' house (so I'll take that as a no). The two decide that he will be on the show ALL WEEK and then proceed to have a you-hang-up-first fight. So cute. 


I've watched this so many times, I've died. I do have some questions though. Like, will Harry be co-hosting? Will Harry be the only guest? Will there be a Carpool Karaoke? Will my heart be able to tolerate the whole week? These are v important questions. According to E! News, Harry will be performing songs each night to celebrate his album release May 12. So yeah, chances are I'm not making it past May 13, but a girl can try! In honor of the residency, let's have a look back at the last time Harry was on 'The Late Late Show' when he got a tattoo of the show's logo! 



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