Balenciaga Released A $2,145 Bag That Looks Like Ikea's Famous 99¢ Blue Bag

Today is like THE day of designers releasing expensive versions of things that are not expensive lol. The whole internet tore into the high end designer Balenciaga for their newest hand bag, and I totally see why. The bag is $2,145, which is normal for this brand, BUT the bag looks JUST like those cheap bags from IKEA. You know, the 99 cent ones that literally everyone has seen at least once before? This is so freaking funny. What we're they thinking??? FUN FACT, You could get over 2,000 of the IKEA bags for the price of one of the designer version. Man, what a mess. To make things even better, IKEA released an image today totally trolling Balenciaga for the bag and it's freaking savage. Check that and some of the funniest reactions to this below. 



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