Best Carpool Karaoke Moments--Harry Styles

Last night, our television screens were blessed by Harry Styles. During his fourth night on The Late Late Show, Harry and James took a lil' ride to film an episode of 'Carpool Karaoke'. Every second was magical. The duo jammed to 'Sign of the Times', 'Sweet Creature', 'Hey Ya!', 'Endless Love', and 'Kiwi'. If you missed the best 13 minutes in television history, you can catch the video below. The video is followed by a set of GIFs that play back the 7 best moments of their drive. Enjoy💗 


1. James preparing for the falsetto portion of 'Sign of the Times'. This one is better with sound, so you can catch it at the 1:10 mark!


2. When Harry was talking about how performing 'Sign of the Times' sometimes makes him a bit emotional, but "in a cool way". This one is around the 2:58 mark. A must see moment. 


3. Harry being perfectly extra during 'Sweet Creature'. (4:39)


4. Every. single. time. the. nugget. laughed. (5:31)


5. That time Harry got "really upset".... (9:18)


6. The face Harry made after telling James to "draw me like one of your french girls". ME TOO. (11:45)


7. The gif says it all. (12:30)



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