Every Ep Of Season 8 Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Could Be Feature Film Length

Of course we were all sad to hear that there would only be seven episodes in Season 7 and were a little more bummed to hear that Season 8 will only consist of six episodes.  But the creators of the show and production team could be up to something that will make it worth being a short season of episodes.  

It was already revealed that Season 7's finale will be 82 minutes long and that length is the same length that Season 8 might be headed towards for their six episodes.  During the Con of Thrones convention, the show’s sound designer, Patricia Fairfield, said that all episodes of Season 8 season MIGHT be feature film length. There is hope that we will still get the opportunity to see more than what we anticipated. 

Check the fan's tweet below to see more about the possibility:

For now, we are just going to have to wait until July 16th for the Season 7 premiere.  If you have not heard about the seventh season yet, check out the second trailer for Season 7 of GoT here: 

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