Ellen Scared Sam Smith and He Saw It Coming

So we all know Ellen DeGeneres LOVES to care the guests on her show.  So it was only a matter of time until she got Sam Smith!  The singer was on The Ellen Show this Tuesday afternoon...and she scared him twice in one minute! After the first scare, Sam let on that he suspected it was coming.

“I thought it was going to come out of this,” he joked, pointing at the box. “I was waiting for it to come out of this.” He could hardly finish the second sentence before the box sprung open, sending him into the corner of his chair.  HAHA!

Ellen's prank came in the midst of a conversation about the British pop star discussing his current residence, a house that he suspects is haunted! 

“I have a good relationship with the ghosts. Sometimes at night, I get up and I’m like ‘Leave me alone,'” he said, clapping his hands for emphasis. LOL SAME.  “And they do. I feel like if you talk to it and you’re like, ‘Please, I just need to sleep.'”

Check out the clip from The Ellen Show!

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