Is Eminem's New Album Title Hidden In This Photo?

EMINEM IS BACK!  Although he was a bit of a meme recently after rapping about Donald Trump, buzz is circulating around a strange conspiracy regarding the name of his new album.  Eminem's manager, Paul Rosenberg, posted this photo on Instagram of the album in front of what seems to be a drug advertisement.  It is rumored that this billboard has been paid for through November 21st, leading fans to believe this may be the date the album is released.

The fictional drug Revival supposedly treats a fictional illness called “Atrox Rithimus,” which several music blogs have somehow managed to translate as “bitter rhythm” in Latin. The website that corresponds to the fake drug billboard is a single page covered in bad Latin and jokes about bodily discomfort, including: 

  • A short list of pre-existing conditions that are incompatible with the fake drug Revival includes allergies to “midwestern tympanic stimulators” 
  • A list of side effects that the fake drug Revival will not cause includes “gluten sensitivity,” “general feeling of head trauma,” and “softening of fingernails.”
  • A list of side effects that the fake drug Revival might cause includes “blood in phlegm,” “urinating more often than normal,” and “highly combustible head.”
  • “REVIVAL could be music to your ears.” 

THAT LAST ONE SOUNDS PRETTY SUGGESTIVE. What do ya think?  Is Revival coming our way?

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