VIDEO: Unboxing $1,000 Sneakers!

I had an impulse buy.... and decided to buy these Fear of God sneakers. Yeah, they might have been $1,195 which means that I'll be eating Ramen for the next 2 months.... but it was definitely worth it because these sneakers are DOPE AF!!

A lot of celebrities have been wearing this clothing line and I needed in on the action! One celebrity that you can always catch wearing Fear of God clothing is Justin Bieber! Another celeb that reps Fear of God is Black Panther star, Michael B. Jordan!

Since I have these Fear of God shoes now does that mean that I'm part of the cool club? Yeah? Well I'm not going in the club because I don't want anybody to step on them!!

I did my very first unboxing video and you can check it out here!!

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