Check Out Dua Lipa's Cheeky Performance of 'IDGAF'

Dua Lipa hit the stage to give fans a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! but how did she do it?? Fans are bugging out (at least those who know nothing about taped performances). 

She was supposed to support Bruno Mars on his 24k Magic World Tour, but she had to pull out in order to undergo an emergency wisdom tooth surgery. 

She tweeted, "Im so sorry to have to cancel some of my support shows with Bruno Mars. I’ve been performing with an awful pain due to my wisdom teeth and as advised by my dentist and oral surgeon I have had to have them imminently removed." 


Last night she performed "IDGAF" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The show performance was taped in February. The crowd was definitely turnt, and I was happy to have her back (even though she's really on bedrest...GET WELL SOON GIRL!!!) They filled in the last word when she sang, "Cause if you think I care about you now, Well, boy, I don't give a ...." which Dua Lipa clearly enjoyed!!

Check out the performance below:



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