If You Get Too Close To The Stage, Justin Timberlake Might Steal Your Phone

First we had Justin Timberlake and the "Selfie Kid" at the Super Bowl.... but now he took a fans phone during his concert!!

He was performing in New Jersey at the Prudential Center on March 25th when he took a fans phone! Justin danced around the stage while recording a selfie video with the crowd! 


He posted the video to his Instagram with the caption, "Get too close to the stage, and I might steal your phone...#MOTWTOUR"

But we have a couple of questions.... How did JT get the video?? Did he give the fan their phone back?? Did he see the fan tweet the video?? DID HE HAVE THEM TEXT IT TO HIM? OR AIRDROP IT? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

Honestly, I wouldn't mind if JT took my phone during a concert.... if he did this would be my reaction!!



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