'Stranger Things' Is Coming To Universal Studios!!

Yes, I know it's basically 6 months until Halloween but get ready to enter the Upside Down!! Universal Studios and Netflix recently announced that the 2018 Halloween Horror Nights will be based off of the first season of Stranger Things! This event is going to be happening at the Orlando, Hollywood, and Singapore parks!

Guests will be able to travel through mazes that are inspired by the show. Some of the scenes that are planned to be re-created are the Byer's home (with flashing Christmas lights, of course), the Hawkins National Laboratory and underneath the U.S. Department of Energy. We can't forget about the main characters.... and the DEMOGORGON!! 


In both Hollywood and Orlando, Horror Nights will begin Sept. 14. In Singapore, it starts on Sept. 28!

But I have an important question.... IS BARB GOING TO BE THERE?? 


I don't know about you guys but I think that I need to book a flight to one of the Universal Studios for this! I love Stranger Things so this is super exciting!!



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