Japanese Method of Gift Wrapping Only Takes 15 Seconds!

The Japanese department store Takashimaya has a method of gift wrapping that only takes 15 seconds! They have gone viral over the past couple of years due to their insanely fast and unique gift wrapping style. Thanks to YouTube user BeatTheBush we can try to wrap presents just like they do at Takashimaya! He created a tutorial video showing how you can master the wrapping technique at home. 

Apparently all it takes is 3 pieces of tape and only 3 folds! Using this method will save you tons of time when wrapping all types of presents! Don't be discouraged if you don't get it at first but once you master this technique you'll be wrapping gifts in just 15 seconds!


Maxwell and I decided that we should attempt to wrap something just like they do in the video. After watching the video I thought that it would be a lot easier to follow the steps and wrap a present just like they do at Takashimaya. 

It's safe to say that we need some more practice. Maybe by the time Christmas rolls around we'll have this technique set so that we can get all of our presents wrapped super fast!! 

Check out Z100 Instagram to see us attempt this hack!



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