New Shawn Mendes Tracks Rated From First to Worst

If you follow Z100 on social media then you definitely know that I am a HUGE Shawn Mendes fan! So I decided that even though I haven't heard any of the unreleased songs off of "Shawn Mendes The Album" I am going to do my best at ranking all of the songs from first to worst (but let's be real... you know that I don't think any Shawn song is a bad song but for the sake of this post let's roll with it!)

Yesterday Shawn had a 9 hour live broadcast on his YouTube channel showing the behind the scenes making of an Art creation of the Album cover. At 12am this morning the artwork was revealed and then Shawn tweeted about the album release date! "Shawn Mendes The Album" is available for pre-order now on all music streaming apps! It's supposed to be released on May 25, 2018! I CAN'T WAIT!!


Let's get to it! I am going to rank the songs from the upcoming album, 1 being the best and then going from there. 

1. Particular Taste:

I ranked this one first because I feel like it's gonna have a really good vibe and I mean I'm super picky and I have a particular taste soooo yeah!

2. When You're Ready:

Shawn has this charm about him and I feel like this is gonna be a song similar to 'Lights On' which is one of my favorite songs by him. I think this is gonna be really good.

3. Where Were You In The Morning:

Shawn posted a snippet of this song on his Snapchat a while ago and his voice in it, WOW! 

4. Fallin' All In You:

This sounds like it's gonna be a love song and I am all for a sappy love song! Lay it on me Shawn!!

5. Because I Had You:

I feel like this might be a song kinda like "Bring it Back" and I am here for it!

6. In My Blood:

Clearly, I have already heard this song like a million times and I love it so it needs to be high up on this list! Shawn really opened up in this song and it's a song that so many people, including myself can relate to.

7. Lost In Japan:

I honestly struggled really hard trying to figure out if I wanted to put "In My Blood" or "Lost In Japan" first. I love the vibe of this song so much. Shawn you could fly out to me in NYC anytime, just give me a call!

8. Youth (ft. Khalid):

I have a feeling that this song is gonna be a BOP! Two kings together on one song!! 

9. Mutual:

I am thinking that this is a song about someone that has mutual feelings for him and honestly I wish it was me!

10. Queen:

Ya know, maybe this is a song about Queen Elizabeth II since he just played her birthday party! I'm sure that's not what this song is about but could you imagine!!

11. Nervous:

I feel like this might be a slower song. I don't know about you but I love Shawn on the piano!

12. Like To Be You (ft. Julia Michaels):

I'm thinking this is a song about wondering what it's like to be in somebody else's shoes.

13. Perfectly Wrong:

This is no doubt a relationship song. It's totally about wanting to be with somebody that you know you probably shouldn't be with but you don't care. 

14. Why:

Oooo, maybe this is a song that'll be a similar vibe to "Understand." Maybe it talks about everything going on in the world right now!


Like I said before, I can already guarantee that I am going to LOVE every song on the album because he never seizes to amaze me! Proud of this dude and I can't wait to actually hear all of these songs on May 25th! 

I also can't wait for new music because that also means new tour!!!! 



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