Gordon Ramsay: How To Tell If You're At A Bad Restaurant

We all know that Gordon Ramsay is the king of letting people know if he doesn't like their food or their restaurant. He recently shared some tips on how you can tell if your food is going to be good before you even have the chance to order it! 

One of the tips that he gave was, "One thing that always alarms me is when you walk into a restaurant and you get a table immediately." Adding to this point he said that if the restaurant isn't at least 98 percent full "there’s something not quite right about that restaurant." I guess I understand where he is coming from because if you don't have to wait for a table the food must not be worth the wait! 

Ramsay also warned us about going to a restaurant that has a "soup of the day." 

While we're on the topic of Gordon Ramsey, I've gotta just talk about his Twitter! I love when people send him pictures of food that either they have made or someone they know has made and then he rates it and destroys them. Here are some of my favorites: 

Although he can be really mean to people on his cooking shows and criticize everybody's bad food he can also be really nice! On his 'Master Junior' cooking show he is so nice and loving with the kids!!

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