Coming Soon: Instagram Adds A Mute Feature!!

We all have those friends who you wish you could unfollow on Instagram but you just don't have the heart to do it or you're not trying to start beef by unfollowing them! Well guess what.... Instagram is going to be rolling out a feature where you can mute your friends! 


The update is going to be coming out within the next couple of weeks! You're going to be able to remove someone's posts and stories from your Instagram feed by just muting them. Instagram is going to give you the option to mute either your friends actual posts, their stories or both!

The best part is that your friends will have no idea that you muted them! All your doing is muting their posts not actually unfriending or unfollowing them. Their pictures and opinions won't appear on your screen until you unmute them. You'll still be able to go directly to their profile if you want.

According to Instagram, with the new mute feature "you can make your feed even more personalized to what matters to you."


I can almost guarantee that you have a person in mind that you are planning on muting once this feature rolls out! I know I do.... 



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