We Need To Talk About Shawn Mendes' Shirt On Shirt Look

Over the weekend at the Billboard Music Awards Shawn Mendes was out on the red carpet serving looks! But I don't know if you noticed his interesting fashion choice... not only did he have on one shirt but he had on two!! 

While out on the carpet he had on a suit with two button up dress shirts underneath it! Honestly I was pretty confused with Shawn's fashion choice because it's kinda hot in Las Vegas! I'm not complaining, he looked really good on the red carpet but like how was he not sweating?? 


Apparently I was wan't the only person confused by Shawn's double shirt look.... some fans took to twitter to as the same questions as me. 


This isn't the first time Shawn has worn double clothing. He has also been seen wearing a sweatshirt on top of another sweatshirt. He did it in 2015 and he just did it again recently when he was in New York City!


But while we're on the topic of Shawn Mendes.... he has another song coming out tomorrow!! The next song to be released from his self titled album is called 'Nervous!' The whole album is going to be released this Friday, May 25th!!


I can't wait to hear the whole album!! I already know that I'm going to have it on repeat for days!!



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