Ed Sheeran Cancels Thousands of Concert Tickets In Hopes To Fight Scalpers

The battle to end ticket scalpers continues!! Ticketmaster has actually been doing a pretty good job trying to fight off ticket scalpers with their verified fan ticket codes. They built a really big robot to protect fans from the thousands of little scalper bots trying to scoop up tickets! Ticketmaster has fans register ahead of time, and those who are verified and selected receive a code that unlocks the opportunity to purchase tickets. But of course there will still be people who try to work against the system.

This time around Ed Sheeran is getting involved since he is currently on tour. A lot of his fans have been getting ripped off by scalpers trying to make a profit by buying and selling tickets. This definitely isn’t something new that’s happening because this has been an issue for a long time.

In order to combat the ticket scalpers, Ed Sheeran and the tour promoters have cancelled over 10,000 tickets. But they aren’t doing this at random (so don’t worry your concert tickets most likely won’t be cancelled… unless they are fake or sold through resale sites.) The promoters are working really hard to identify the tickets that were bought by scalpers. Part of this process includes cancelling any and all tickets from sites such as Viagogo.

To those that did buy tickets from a resale site have been given assistance in obtaining a refund and buying a real genuine ticket. So far about $300,000 has been refunded, that’s a lot of money!

This isn’t the first time that an artist has tried to fight off ticket scalpers! Recently, Nine Inch Nails made it so that their concert tickets were only available in person. Honestly, I don’t know if I would want to actually have to go somewhere in person to get concert tickets…. But let’s be real, we all know that if Shawn Mendes did that I would be lined up in person ready to get concert tickets! Music festivals have also done something like that in the past as well, but Ed Sheeran has been the largest scale we’ve seen attempted!

I think that this was really cool that Ed Sheeran and his promotions team worked with the fans to make sure that they are getting real tickets and are not getting scammed out of their money!!

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