Guide To Ariana Grande's Twelve Tattoos

Ariana Grande is known for sharing her life events in her music and lyrics. Not only does she express herself through her music but she also shares stories through the tattoos on her body! As of today she has 12 tattoos! We're gonna tell you the meaning behind some of them and where they are located!

Her first Tattoo was a heart and it is located on her foot! She got this tattoo back in April 2012. Ariana has a song called 'Tattooed Heart' and it's one of her favorite songs! When she got this tattoo it was around the time when she was recording of her debut LP!

She has another tattoo on her torso that is in memory of her grandfather. The tattoo says 'Bellissima' which translates to 'Beautiful' which was her grandfathers nickname for her.

Ariana Grande also has a couple of tattoos dedicated to her tours and songs. She has a crescent moon behind her left ear which is for her track, 'Moonlight.' Another tattoo dedicated to her tour was the 'Honeymoon' tattoo that she has on her finger. 

One of Ariana's newest tattoos is in memory of the Manchester bombing last year. She got a bumblebee tattooed behind her left ear and it is super cute!

These are just a couple of the stars super cute and meaningful tattoos!! She's got a bunch more and if you wanna see them all you can check out this "Mirror" article! 

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