Intern Sam Spent How Much Money On Shawn Mendes??

If you listen to Z100 and follow us on social media then you definitely know that I am one of Shawn Mendes' biggest fans!! When Shawn announced that he was releasing an album you already know that I went wild! As soon as the album dropped this morning I listened to the whole album from top to bottom... and I've had it on repeat ever since! 

Not only did he just drop an (AMAZING) album but he also dropped a bunch of  really awesome merch. I'm usually really good about saving my money and only buying things that I need but let's be real, I needed this new merch! 

So ever since Shawn dropped the new music, TOUR DATES, and new merch I have gone a little wild with my spending habits. Even though I probably shouldn't do this, I'm going to list out all of the things I have bought from Shawn over the past couple of weeks! Here goes nothing!!


In My Blood Sweatshirt & Vinyl: $29.10

Where Were You In The Morning T-Shirt and Album: $20.12

Shawn Mendes: The Album Box Set: $35.00

Ticket for concert in Jersey: $113.10

Ticket for concert in Jersey: $148.10

VIP for Utah: $399.00

Tickets for concert in Utah: $224.90

All coming to a total of $969.32.... YIKES!!!!

Ok... so yeah I might have gone just a little overboard and yes, my bank account is crying. Let me just explain why I am going to Utah. Soooo, I bought tickets to see Shawn at the Prudential Center but I wasn't able to get Meet and Greet tickets and I was really disappointed about it. Later on ticketless VIP went on sale for the other side of the country and the only place that had Meet and Greet tickets left was Utah... so I panicked and bought the VIP in Utah, YES UTAH!! Long story short, in 2019 I am going to Utah to see Shawn Mendes!!

But yeah I can't wait to see Shawn on tour next year and I'm gonna keep jamming out to the new album because it is soooo good!!



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