Why Was Lil Tay on 'Good Morning America'

The 9-year-old viral star, Lil Tay was on 'Good Morning America' yesterday and a lot of people are questioning why. Lil Tay is known for posting super extra videos of herself on social media. Almost all of her videos include her yelling out curse words and flexing in front of expensive cars. Her videos have left the internet in shock and many people are wondering who exactly is behind the young stars posts. 


Both Lil Tay and her Mom were on 'Good Morning America' to do an interview with Juju Chang. When Lil Tay's mom was confronted about the backlash that her daughter is receiving online she did not have much to say, "We choose just not, ignore them. She has a passion. Passion and a dream." 

When the question came up on whether this whole situation is legal or not, Lil Tay's mom said that he is always supervising her content. I thought that this was weird because earlier in the interview Lil Tay said that her mom doesn't run her social media and that she uses her own Instagram. 

Aside from all of the craziness on social media, apparently she is making straight As in school. Her mother also told 'GMA' that she enjoys ice skating, piano, and ballet. Her mother also said that she is apparently "well mannered."

Just like Juju Chang said in the interview, these pictures and videos that she posts online are going to stick around forever!! 

Check out the video here:



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