The 2018 UK Cheese Rolling Contest Did Not Disappoint!!

The Gloucester Cheese Roll is world famous because it is literally one of the most ridiculous events ever. 

This years event recently wrapped up and Chris Anderson, who is a veteran competitor, set a new record! He has been participating in the event for 14 years and he is only 30-years-old. Over his 14 years of competing he has suffered multiple injuries such as a  broken ankle and bruised kidneys... OUCH!

Let me explain what the Gloucester Cheese Roll is. Honestly, it's pretty straightforward... a 9-pound wheel of Double Gloucester Cheese is thrown from the top of the mountain. Then the participants have to try and get down the hill as fast as they can following the cheese. The winner is whoever gets to the cheese first. And A LOT of people get hurt during this event which is why it's actually outlawed and illegal because so many people get hurt during the Cheese Roll. But this hasn't stopped people from showing up every year to participate in the Gloucester Cheese Roll, although there isn't exactly officials or management to look over the event. 

**Warning: this is a bit of a train wreck but you're not gonna be able to turn away**


Oh, and we can't forget about this video. 



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