From 'IHOP' to 'IHOb'????

IHOP which stands for 'International House of Pancakes" is getting ready to flip the "P" to a "b." They took to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to say that they are going to be flipping their name on June 11th after 60 years of being identified as the International House of Pancakes (IHOP)! 


Of course the topic got people talking on social media! IHOP posted a tweet saying, "IHOb? What could it b? #IHOb" with a 4 option poll. The poll included: Biscuits, Bacon, Butternut Squash, and Barnacles. As of right now 'Bacon' is winning the poll! 

But here's what some other people think it's going to be!


The possibilities are basically endless!! 

Here are some random "B" words that can be added to the new 'IHOb' name!!   

- BeyoncĂ© 

- Boiiii

- Bonanza

- Boston

- Booty

- Barack Obama

- Butterfly


- Buffalo

- Bieber

- Beaver

- Balloons 

- Brady

- Burrito

- Bubbles

- Bagels

- Bamboozle

- Boy Bands

Ok, so there's definitely a lot of words that can be used for the new 'IHOb' but if they actually are changing their name.... I think that the best fit would be 'Breakfast' I mean it just makes sense!! But I guess we're just gonna have to wait until June 11th to see what it is!



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