Years & Years' New Album Is "Westworld" Inspired


Years & Years stopped by the Z100 studio to talk new music and another album we just love! Palo Santo, is out now but when I sat down with the guys we were still a week away from their release date of July 6th. 

When asked about the time in between their first album and Palo Santo, they said, "We took some time because it's hard making albums.." This time around the guys really wanted to make sure they had a full story. They know what goes into it all this time around, the expectations were high. You need an album that gives you inspiration for press, tour, and everything else that comes after you release music. What inspired them this time around? HBO's Westworld of course! 

"I really want to do something wild with this album," Olly explains, "We need to really do something to make a mark." 

Turns out the hit show Westworld had a huge part in that.. "I love SciFi... creating worlds, so that seems like what we set out to do." "The concept of this android universe, Palo Santo.. is kind of like if you flipped the roles in Westworld, cause like Westworld is kind of about an android situation, like their all robots situation.. but this way is a bit more flipped, like the humans are outnumbered by the androids." 


These guys really put their all into this album and it's now been on repeat on my iHeartRadio app since the release! Tweet at us and let us know what you think of the new music! 



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