Burger King Debuts the Pink Tax

Why should women pay more for the same product?! 

Burger King is confronting gender equality issues in a new campaign they launched called "Chick Fries." The fast food brand is using this idea to challenge the unfairness of the pink tax by asking customers to pay more chicken fries that are in a pink box. 

What is the Pink Tax?! I'm glad you asked. 

To put it simply: the Pink Tax is basically the fact that 42 percent of the time, the female version of a product costs more than the men's version of it, according to the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. In total, that is $1,351 more a year in cost. For example, these are items such as women's versus men's razors, and women's versus men's deodorant, and the tax on the tampons. 

Burger King recognized the fact that is crazy to make women pay more for a product just because it's "for women" or in pink packaging. 


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