Taco Bell is Testing New Items--But You Have to Travel to Get Them

For years, Taco Bell has introduced us to the craziest and most delicious fast food items we have ever witnessed. The Doritos Locos Taco, the Fritos Burrito, the Quesarito, Naked Chicken Chips, need we say more? But one thing they never dabbled in, was seafood. And we have to travel elsewhere to find fish or shrimp tacos. 

Well, look no further!! Taco Bell is testing out the Crayfish Taco for those Taco lovers who need to satisfy a seafood craving. This new menu item will have at least a dozen Crayfish per one taco!! A writer for Foodbeast had the honor of trying the new menu item at the Taco Bell HQ and reported back that "sweetness of the crayfish is matched with a special 'crayfish sauce."

Okay, now I'm starving. 

They even dared to describe the special crayfish sauce as a "piquant, savory, and intriguing taste." This sounds nothing like my usual crunchy taco. 

But wait, there's a catch. Haha, get it.

This item will be testing exclusively in Taco Bells in Asia. Yeah, you heard that right. So unless you're traveling to somewhere like China, Japan, or Thailand, we're going to have to wait. Along, with the Crayfish Taco, they will also be introducing a Cheesy Taco Melt and a Volcano Naked Chicken Taco exclusively to Taco Bell locations in Korea. 

We're gonna try not to take it personal that you're depriving us of these new beautiful creations!!

Check out the new Crayfish Taco below!!

Alright so, we're gonna go book our flights right now.

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