Are You The One is Coming Back For Season 7!!!

My life finally has meaning again.

Are You the One is coming back to MTV for season 7 with a whole new twist. The romance competition bases around a group of men and women placed into a house, and also in the house is their "perfect match," and they have to do whatever they can to find him or her. The idea of the show is focus on the fact that if your perfect match was standing right in front of you, would you even know it? 

The seventh season takes on a new theme and its titled as the Season of Fate. This season introduces the "Fate Button" which will determine which couples will go on dates and therefore have a role in who goes into the Truth Booth to find out they are a perfect match. 

If the entire cast succeeds in finding their perfect match by the end of the 10 weeks that the show runs, they get to split $1 million dollars amongst all of them, which if you calculate that, is a lot of money. Only one season hasn't won by the final match up ceremony, but we won't tell you which one that is, for binge-watching purposes. 

We know what we'll be doing Wednesday, August 15th!!

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