Do Sprinkles Taste Good Or Just Look Cool??

This is one of the newest Twitter debates: Do sprinkles actually taste good or do they just look cool?

It started when one Twitter user quote tweeted a picture of ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and said, "when are we going to start being honest on how trash sprinkles really are?" 

Some Twitter users agreed with her but some thought the exact opposite. One user said, "I only eat ice cream with sprinkles.... can we start being honest about the cone tho lmao." 

Then there are the people that are stuck in the middle, "Oh sprinkled TASTE like garbage lmao but they make ice cream prettier so we let it slide." 

This Twitter debate honestly got me thinking about whether the sprinkles actually taste good or if I only like them because my ice cream looks pretty. But I think that I've come to the conclusion that they taste kinda gross by themselves but taste and look great on ice cream! 

Let us know what you think!!

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