Can't Believe Zedd Hates Butter!

I hope that you all caught my pun in the headline.... but anyways Zedd took to Twitter today to let the world know that he HATES butter. He asked, "Is there any trick to make me like butter?!?The texture freaks me out. Yet I don’t mind butter in the pan to make eggs or so. Also love sauce hollandaise... but just straight butter on bread kills me. Does anyone know any voodoo tricks that help!?"


Some fans responded and gave Zedd some suggestions of what could make him like butter. Maggie Lindemann told Zedd that he should 'eat a stick of butter a day so your body HAS to like it' but he wasn't in favor of that idea. 

Another fan suggested that he should try cream cheese. GOOD NEWS! Zedd does like cream cheese. 


Somebody also told him to try vegan butter. I mean I like butter but honestly vegan butter is pretty good!

I love Zedd but we gotta find a way to turn him on to butter!!



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