The 'Most Stuff' Oreo is Coming Soon!!!!

The rumors were true!! The 'Most Stuff' Oreo is going to be coming out in January 2019!!

The Oreo team didn't want to reveal too much new information about the cookies but the company has plans to pair the Most Stuf's release with a marketing campaign full of surprise giveaways! 

This new cookie is going to be filled with more than three times the original filling than the regular Oreos according to cookie creator Mondelez International, which is Oreo's parent company. This means that it's probably going to be almost double the Double Stuf.... that's crazy!!

TheJunkFoodAisle posted a picture of what seemed to be Most Stuf Oreo's earlier this month... if this is what they are going to look like I AM SOOOO DOWN!!

How good do these cookie look?! I am super excited for these to be released, I just hope that they aren't too sweet. 

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