Maxwell's NEW Podcast: 'Friends w/ Work Benefits' Episode 5

New episode alert!! My girl Raven and I have a brand new episode of our podcast "Friend's w/ Work Benefits"! At 2:15 Raven and Maxwell share their own Top Secrets and read anonymous ones sent in from listeners. At 10:00 Raven tells the story of how she inadvertently caused a car accident she wasn't involved in. At 14:00 they read a Please Advise email from a listener who asks if it's appropriate to tell a co-worker they should see a therapist. At 19:50 Raven reads a list of outrageous 'rules and regulations' a Bridezilla sent to her weddings guests ahead of the ceremony. At 25:35 Raven and Maxwell reveal their favorite Halloween movies in Top 3 Max.


Next week on the show: We find your job’s corresponding slutty Halloween costume. Don’t forget to rate, review, subscribe, tell a friend and follow us on Instagram (@FWWBpodcast)!  Listen to the latest episode below, or on Apple Podcasts or even on our FREE iHeartRadio App!  



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