Get Ready To Debate: Food Edition

We were just having a discussion in the studio about whether or not you should fold your pizza when your eating it so it sparked this idea. We're gonna name off a bunch of different food debates that might never get resolved... so get ready to debate!!

I'm from New Jersey so I obviously had to start it off with this one:

Is it called Taylor Ham or Pork Roll?

Ok, so if you're not from NJ you might not know about this debate. So people that live in North Jersey typically call it Taylor Ham and people that live in South Jersey refer to it as Pork Roll. It always sparks up a major debate... but yeah it's Taylor Ham (sorry not sorry.)


Do you fold your pizza or not?

I feel like this one is also more centralized in New York and New Jersey. I'm honestly in the middle on this one, sometimes I fold and sometimes I don't. 


Do you dip your French fries in milkshakes/ice cream?

Alright, I don't know if this one is so much a debate as it is just your preference but still.


Do you put the ketchup directly on the fries or do you leave on the side for dipping?

This is another good one. Let me just put this into different words, do you make a mess by putting ketchup all over or do you keep it nice and neat by leaving the ketchup on the side?


Do you slice your sandwich directly down the middle or diagonally?

I don't think it really matters to me which way it is but if I'm cutting a sandwich I typically cut it down the middle. 


Do you dip your bacon in syrup?

I'm so glad that other people pose this question because now I know I'm not alone. Not gonna lie I won't go out of my way to drip my bacon in syrup but if I'm out at a diner and it's already on the table then I'm 100% dipping it!


Hope we posed some solid debates for ya'll!! Let us know on Twitter how you feel about these topics!!



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