Impossible Burger Set to Hit Grocery Store Shelves in 2019


ATTENTION VEGANS: Impossible Foods is celebrating World Vegan Month this November in a major way -  the Impossible Burger will be hitting grocery store shelves starting in 2019!  Impossible Foods announced the news in a series of Instagram posts.


The plant based burger has been a popular fave around the country since it’s release back in 2016, currently available at restaurants such as Umami Burger, Cheesecake Factory, White Castle, Applebee's, Bareburger and many more.  But what exactly gives the Impossible Burger it's realistic meat-like qualities? The vegan burgers are made from simple ingredients, including water, wheat protein, potato protein and coconut oil.  Special ingredient, "heme", is where the meaty flavor and texture comes from.  C'mon...tell us that doesn't look like a real burger!


Vegans, rejoice!  Looks like you'll be able to enjoy these yummy, guilt-free burgers from the comfort of your own home! While you wait for the burgers to hit grocery store shelves, check out the Impossible Burger locator here to find out where you can feast on a vegan burger near you!



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