Our Favorite Sassy Shawn Mendes Moments

You already know that I love Shawn Mendes but what you didn't know is I LOVE when he acts sassy. So I think that it's time for us to pay homage to Sassy Shawn!!

He is one of the nicest people to walk this earth I mean just look at this interview when he talks about why it's important for him to stop and take selfies with fans!

And as sweet as he is, he could be equally as sassy. I honestly think that sassy Shawn is hilarious but if he ever acted sassy towards me I would end up looking like this....

Here are some of my favorite sassy Shawn Mendes moments (sorry, I love you Shawn.)

** Warning: there might be cursing in some of these **

This one is hilarious because even though he was being sassy he finished by saying "thanks hun!"

He's also sassy when he tweets sometimes....

He even sassed Jimmy Fallon!!

Please enjoy these videos of Shawn being sassy!!

Thanks for tuning in to me talking about sassy Shawn! STAY SASSY! 

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