A Movie Theater for Dogs?!

Have you ever been watching a new film at a movie theater and thought to yourself, "I wish my dog was here!"?  Well for the folks in Plano, Texas that is no longer an issue.  Thats right, the first ever dog-friendly movie theater is opening it's doors!  K9 Cinemas will allow you to bring your furry friends along for the movie-viewing ride.  

The theater allows up to 25 people to bring two dogs each - that's 50 dogs per theater!  All they require is that the dogs are up to date on all their shots, which can be submitted on the theater's website.  Oh and of course, all and owners must clean up after their pets!  Tickets start at $5 for dogs, $9 for children and $12.50 for adults.  

Theater staples like candy, popcorn, and refreshments are available as well as some tasty treats for your pups!  If you are someone who sneaks snacks into the theater, make sure ya remember to sneak some doggy treats in too!  


Okay who else wants one of these dog-friendly theaters near them?  Because we sure do! It won't be surprising if they start popping up everywhere.  Let us know what movie you'd take your pup to see!  



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