Man creates Glitter Bomb Package To Catch Thief!!

Mark Rober created the best to plan to catch the alleged thief that stole a package from his front door. He created a fake 'Amazon' box that would explode glitter, release a stinky smell and even record the thief's reaction!

He got surveillance footage of the alleged thief taking the package from his home and offered it to the police to do an investigation but they said that they couldn't. So he took things into his own hands!!

Lucky for Rober he's an engineer... WHO HAS WORKED FOR NASA'S CURIOSITY ROVER and a YouTuber. So he got together with some friends and created the project that would hopefully catch the alleged thief again. They created a box that shoots out glitter, releases a "fart spray" and records video using four hidden phones when the opened.

He shared the process on his YouTube channel, you can check it out here:


Hopefully nobody steals your holiday packages but if they do maybe you can reach out to  Rober for some thief catching tips!!



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