Our Favorite "As Seen On TV" Products

Have you ever seen an informercial for a random product and wondered if it worth the buy or not? Well I've definitely had my fair share!

Here... let me give you some product examples!

The Clapper! 

 This is one of the most iconic infomercial products out there! It's a sound-activated electrical switch. The Clapper plugs into U.S.-type electrical outlet, and allows control of up to two devices plugged into the device!

I mean come on, I know you've all seen the commercials where they say, "Clap on! Clap off!" Please allow me to give you this iconic example down below! 



I know that you've heard of the Snuggie but apparently they were the first people to have a "sleeved blanket!" As crazy as the Snuggie might have been, it was all part of the business plan. The Snuggie was intended to raise awareness about the product, not prompt sales. 



This was a personal favorite of mine. I remember watching cartoons and there were tons of informercials selling this product. It used to have such a strong smell and it was definitely bad for me but hey I think I turned out okay!


Chia Pets

You're lying if you say you've never sang the song from the Chia Pets commercials... CH-CH-CH-CHIA!

This product is definitely iconic. You get to put seeds onto a character of your choice and overtime it grows hair! Well... it's a plant not actual hair but you get the gist!


Rainbow Art set

This is super nostalgic to me because this was one of my favorite things to play with when I was little. But after re-watching the infomercial I'm kinda salty because my drawing definitely didn't come out as cool as their pictures. 


I hope these videos brought you back to your childhood or made you laugh because of how ridiculous some of these infomercial products could be. 

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