Famous Women That Were Girl Scouts

Long before they were A-list singers, actors, even royalty, these famous women got their badges by selling boxes of Samoas and Thin Mints before earning their spot in history.

Here are some of the famous women that were earning brownie points as Girl Scouts before they were who they are today.

Mariah Carey

Why you so obsessed with me? Uh, maybe because you have connections to those Thin Mints, Mariah.

Taylor Swift

Long before she was feeling 22, the Shake It Off singer was a Girl Scout!

Céline Dion

Although she's from Canada, Céline Dion made her way in becoming a USA Girl Scout!

Queen Elizabeth II

Before she was crowned Her Majesty The Queen, she was sporting Girl Scout badges.

Vanessa Hudgens

Prior to walking the halls of East High as Gabriella Montez, Vanessa Hudgens was distributing shortbread treats.

Queen Latifah

Dancer, singer, rapper, actress, model, producer and comedienne earned some brownie points before she gained all of these titles.

Martha Stewart

Are you surprised? Martha Stewart has done everything!

Those are a few of the many celebs that started out as Girl Scouts.

I guess anything is possible if you just start selling Girl Scout cookies, ladies and gents!

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