Bryce Vine Says YG Was His First Choice For 'La La Land' Feature


It's always nice when artists come to visit, but it's even greater when they're coming back to their hometown. Fresh off the release of his new song La La Land ft. YG, Bryce Vine made his way to the Z100 studios to discuss his song, what's coming next and his favorite Netflix shows!

Do you like zombies and horror? Well then Vine may be your go-to Netflix buddy. You can catch him watching Black Summer, Black Mirror, and may be a viewer of the new Jordan Peele Twilight Zone coming soon.

When asked about bringing this song to YG, Vine was quick to reveal that YG was his "first choice for the feature." When Maxwell asked what it was like to have someone you admire know your work and want to collaborate with you, Vine replied saying, "It means your headed in the right direction. Always a nice feeling... I'm very content with how things are going right now, not gonna lie." Vine continues saying, "Being able to do a song with someone you've been a fan of at all, I was in disbelief... And I have a bunch of ideas now of people I want to get."

Well we can't wait to hear whatever collaboration that's to come next! In the meantime we'll be blasting La La Land. Watch Bryce Vine's full interview with Maxwell above!



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