Finally, The Reason Why McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Come In Only Four Shapes

Everybody knows about McDonald's iconic Chicken McNuggets, but have you ever taken note of the size and shapes of the nuggets? There's the ball, the boot, the bell, and the bow-tie, as McDonald's calls them, and they've finally given us an answer for why there are these four distinct shapes.


Metro UK finally gave us the answer for why there are only four shapes. Here's what was said. "As to why there are only these four shapes, McDonald’s says that having four shapes is ‘the perfect equilibrium of dipability and fun.’ ‘Three would have been too few,’ they write. ‘Five would’ve been, like, wacky. ‘We also make them similar in size to ensure consistent cooking times for food safety.’

Now we know they made up the word dipability, but it really is kinda fitting. The rest of the explanation is a bit absurd, but who cares? Bottom line is, we aren't going to criticize these perfect nuggets. They truly are a gift to humanity.

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