Woman Tries To Frame Her Ex For Stalking, Gets Herself Arrested

Need a reason to stay on good terms with your ex. Then take a look at this story.

25-year-old Stephani Lawson from Las Vegas, Nevada has just been arrested and sentenced to one year in prison for "falsely accusing her ex-boyfriend of stalking and making criminal threats," says the Orange County District Attorney's Office. After creating a fake Facebook for her ex-boyfriend and sending herself fake messages full of threats, she filed a police report against him.

After her ex-boyfriend was arrested four times, with bailing eventually increasing to $200,000, Lawson tried to put him away for spite. Just before she was set to take the stand against him, she got caught after her IP address tracked her location to her own devices. This was after she had falsely testified against him in court.

A few months later, she was arrested and pleaded guilty on charges of one count false imprisonment by menace, violence, fraud, or deceit, and one felony count of perjury.

This would've made a really wild episode of Catfish. Here's hoping we'll see a reenactment soon!

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