Addicted To Youtube Tutorials? Well This Woman Built A HOUSE Using Them.

Cara Brookins with her family in their self-built home library


Aren't we all a little addicted to Youtube tutorials by this point? I mean literally anything you want to learn how to do can be found on Youtube at this point, including how to build a house. Yep that's right. In 2007 Cara Brookins left escaped an abusive relationship with her children, and was left feeling lost, like she may lose her children emotionally, and terrified of being found. They laid low in a secluded small cabin for a while before Cara made a bold decision to save her family. With no previous experience in any sort of construction, she decided that her and her kids would watch youtube videos and build a house. She got an affordable plot of land, and her and the kids went to work. With the help of some kind strangers, the city inspector, and the almighty Youtube the house was completed and is totally stunning. Cara Brookins has since released a memoir, Rise: How a House Built a Family, that tells her amazing story. You can read more about her story and see the process here. You definitely do not want to miss the pictures of the beautiful house! 

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