VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Gives Killer Side Eye To Bill At Trump's Inauguration

Ok put your politics aside for a minute and enjoy this video because I am in TEARS. This video is absolutely killing me. Hillary Clinton attended Donald Trump's inauguration today with her husband Bill, and while Hillary seemed pleased to be there to support the country and peaceful transfer of power, she didn't seem so pleased with Bill! A video going around of Bill looking off into the distance during the ceremony is going viral on the web today for a hilarious reason. Some people say he was checking out Trump's daughter Ivanka, and whether that's the case or not, Hillary's reaction  to him is what makes this video PRICELESS. When Hillary noticed him not paying attention, she gave him SUCH a side eye it could have set fire. That side eye could cut diamonds. Better pay attention Bill or Hillz will get you with that side eye. 


(Photos: Getty Images)

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