OMG! The Secret Service To Investigate Madonna!?

The Womens March that was held on Saturday drew historically big crowds of supporters, and countless celebrities including pop icon Madonna! There were many speeches given throughout the day, but none more talked about than Madonna's it seems. Never one to hold her tongue or not express herself to the fullest (get it? lol), Madonna gave a super passionate speech, but has been taking a lot of heat for her comment that she wanted to "blow up the white house". Yikes Madonna, that was not the purpose of the march girl....Anyway her intense comment has caught the attention of the White House and according to several news sources, The Secret Service is planning to investigate her. WOAH. The comment was a lot, but free speech and she obviously wasn't serious. What do you think? Deserved? Check out her speech below and let me know what you think! Fair warning, there's some intense language so NSFW. 


(Photos: Getty Images)

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