Is Corrine From The Bachelor FAKING IT!? New Report Says It's All An Act


I don't think a contestant on The Bachelor has ever made this much buzz before! Corrine from this season of The Bachelor was quickly labeled "The Villain" due to all of her over the top and aggressive behavior, and the internet has learned to love to hate her. Before you blow up her twitter notifications with some angry tweets though, just chill for a second. Corrine's mother told TMZ recently that everything she does on the show is fake, and she was heavily pressured to adopt the "Bad Girl" role to keep things interesting. Honestly, I'm not surprised that there would be some ✨Hollywood Magic✨ going on in a show like this to spice things up, but man they created a hugely hated target of this girl! Read the whole report here, what do you think? Are you going to give her a second change or do you not buy her moms reasoning? Let me know! 

(Photo: Getty Images)

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