Did Lady Gaga REALLY Jump Off The Roof At The Superbowl? Nah son.

OK, how AMAZING was that half time show??? In case anyone had forgotten Lady Gaga's level of talent and general slay, they sure as heck were reminded last night. One of the most talked about parts of the show was when she jumped from the roof of the stadium and down to her stage....but did that really happen? While it looked super cool, footage from fans in the audience revealed that the beginning part of the performance on the roof was prerecorded a WEEK ago, and the jump didn't really happen. They made it look like she jumped in the prerecorded tape, and then started the live show with her suspended from the ceiling. She's still a total boss and the show was beyond impressive, but that's show bizz for ya kids. A little smoke and mirrors is to be expected. Anyway, go gaga! You freaking killed it. Check out the fan clip below to see how they pulled off this perfect illusion...get it? What did you guys think about the show? 


(Photo: Getty Images)

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