VIDEO: Man Eats As Many LIGHTBULBS As He Can In 10 Minutes

OK, so I see a lot of youtube challenges when I'm writing for my blog or just chilling watching some videos at home, but this one is just straight up dumb. Viral youtuber L.A. Beast is known for doing absolutely insane eating challenges on his channel, and this one takes things to a whole new world of wtf. He challenged himself to see how many lightbulbs, yes LIGHTBULBS, he could eat in 10 minutes. Why? Because why not and internet attention I guess. He ends up being ok somehow in the end, which I will never understand. Maybe it's fake? The internet seems to have proved its real, and I mean you can watch it happen for yourself. Check out the cringe worthy video below, and warning the video is GROSS. 😷

Mo' Bounce

Mo' Bounce

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