"The Floafer" Is Like Crocs and Loafers Had A Baby And They're TOO Much

I was thinking "wow this is a chill Monday." Well I was wrong because this evil just found its way to me. In the midst of the craziness that is happening in the world today, someone was clearly too concerned with "could" and forgot to ask if they "should", as an abomination of a shoe was just created. Let me introduce you to "The Floafer". "A summer shoe for when you're too fratty for Crocs but need a water shoe to remind people that your dad is a lawyer", these shoes just need to be stopped. The entire internet is having a field day over these shoes because they seem soooo silly, and crocs are essentially just a meme now, but hey maybe someone will love them. Maybe these are someone's dream shoe and all of their prayers have been answered. So how do you feel about them? I feel hopeless. 


(Photo: Getty Images)

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