Scientists May Have Just Discovered The Key To Eternal Youth

People will do almost anything to anti-age their skin. Well how would you like to never age in the first place? Or if you're already up there, how about actually reversing all of that aging? Scientists at Harvard may have just cracked the code for eternal youth, seriously. While researching methods to make it easier for man to live on mars under the harsh conditions, even in protected camps and vehicles, they stumbled on something amazing. Ok so here's my best attempt at explaining this: Essentially we age because proteins in our bodies can no longer replicate themselves, but they found an enzyme that boosts this specific protein and keeps it going forever, making the user NEVER age. They tested it on mice, and it WORKED. Human trials are starting in 6 months, and tbh I'd love to be in this trial hahaha. For a far better job of explaining the science of this, I probably butchered it, please check out the article HERE. Crazy huh?

(Photo: Getty Images)

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