VIDEO: Monster Snake Swallows Farmer Whole.

WARNING: This story is pretty gross, but the video is not that bad. So a farmer in Indonesia was missing for two days, that is until they discovered a snake that looked GIANT not to far from his farm. The snake had swallowed the farmer whole, and people caught the snake and cut him out. Unfortunately the farmer did not survive, our thoughts go out to him and his family, but the people who found him did film the release of his body from the snake and it's mad interesting. The clip shows the HUGE snake being cut open, and you can see the mans whole body come out still perfectly in tact. It's so crazy that animals are capable of things like this. Heads up, the video is slightly gross, but theres no blood or gore, and it's pretty LQ so you don't see any nasty detail. Check out the crazy clip below. 

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