BREAKING: Donald Trump To Release Collab Soft Rock Album

OMG OMG OMG. President Trump is dropping an ALBUM. yes you heard that right. A spokesperson for Trump announced today that the president is a huge music fan, and has been secretly putting together a soft rock album that he wanted to release during his presidency. He is hoping it will be come part of his legacy to become the first US President to drop an album. Record executives have been fighting over the rights to release it, but Trump has decided to go indie and drop it himself. Since he is not a trained musician himself, Donald has been working on the album with non other than Rick Astley to make the album come to life. The lead single just dropped on youtube and you can listen to it HERE. The full record is expected to drop exclusively streamed on iHeart Radio before summer 2017. 

heheehe JK! April Fools! Had to get you a little early. This story was totally made up just for the prank. Sorry guys!!!!! hehehehehehehe

(Photo: Getty Images)

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