This Girl Dumped Her Boyfriend With A PLAYLIST And His Response Playlist Is SAVAGE.

Ya'll just keep getting more and more savage with the break up methods! Ya'll are wild! Today a couple's break up is going CRAZY VIRAL. This girl decided that to break up with this guy she had been seeing, she would make him a playlist of songs to send him the message. She sent the playlist, and let's just say he totally got it, because he responded with his own playlist and it's savage, maybe even more so than hers. Her playlist is filled with goodbye songs, his playlist is one song and one song only and it's "STFU" by Mansionz. If you haven't heard the song, it's quite the tell off. This is the most 2017 thing I've seen in a while hahaha. Check out their savage playlists below. 


(Photo: Getty Images)

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